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  • Sarah Ellis

    what if I were to do a self portrait like this, where only the parts of my face in the light art painted, while the parts of my face in shadow would be hidden. This could be symbolic for my struggle to hide the parts of me that I don't want others to see, the "dark side" of who I am.

  • Athena Dicki

    Saatchi Online Artist: Ray Domnic; Watercolor, 2011, Painting #painting art #painting|

  • Siv Merete Rønning

    Watercolor painting by Ray Domnic .

  • Shannon Spiby-Wood

    Beth | Ray Domnic This painting reminds me of my aura migraines when my vision goes after the sickle pattern eases.

  • Aesha

    I love how this artist blends the background into the main image, it's really powerful and I love the colours :) Beth by Ray Domnic

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