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    • Karlee Parent

      Ride a horse on the beach. Always a dream

    • Ashley Kinney

      Would love to ride a horse on the beach in the sunset before I die

    • Claire Goldston

      A romantic "sunset" horseback ride on the beach with two of my best friends. It was cold and rainy, but a great time.

    • Brittany McKenna

      "Half Moon Bay! Best place to ride! Pebble Beach ...I love it! I always get the early bird package and I ride my horse for two hours on the beach! I love riding and I love the ocean! The combination is beautiful!"

    • Jenna Moore

      Im able to check this one off the bucket list :)I'm thankful to have had the opportunity to do this in 2006...my family and I went to Hawaii and one of the many amazing things we did, was horseback riding on the beach! <3

    • Joan Murphy

      Go Horseback Riding on the Beach ~ # 43 on My Bucket List

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