1860s embroidered pale lilac silk gauze

Lovely Civil War Era Embroidered Lilac Silk Gauze Gown


Muslin day dress

Young lady's purple print dress for summer, 1860s.

Gossamer 1860's White Cotton Dress

Civil War era sheer gown

Silk Gauze Dress c.1860 with original buttons and trim; shown with original buckle, collar and brooch

Dress. France. 1863-1865. Green silk trimmed with taffeta and a lace collar Silk material is hand-embroidered in silk and cut-steel beads,

Turquoise Silk Gown with a long train, 1680 time era. The pirate wedding dress you got married in was just your best gown you have available.

Pink cotton dress with black wool Greek key embroidery, American, ca. 1862.

Dinner Dress 1870, American, Made of silk~~~~~The full-blown bustle silhouette had its first Victorian appearance in the late 1860s, which started as fullness in skirts moving to the back of the dress. This fullness was drawn up in ties for walking that created a fashionable puff. Accessories were petite and allowed for the focus on the large elaborate gowns.

Silk windowpane c. 1860s

Lovely colors! This may have been a second mourning dress - lavender and gray were used as a transition from full mourning Dress. c. 1859-60. American. Silk plain weave (taffeta) with warp and weft float patterning, fringed silk buttons.


Lovely! The dress appears to have a front-closing bodice. Very unusual!

Dress (Bodice and Skirt) Date Made ca. 1860 Object Number 1973-20-3 A,B

Gown: ca. 1860.

Dress, France, circa 1780-1785. Embroidered pekin, silk. Inv. 29796 Musees des Tissus et des Arts Decoratifs de Lyon

Exceptional Antique Civil War Era Wool Paisley Shawl 1860s

Wedding dress Date: 1860 Culture: American Medium: silk