1860s embroidered pale lilac silk gauze

Lovely Civil War Era Embroidered Lilac Silk Gauze Gown

Silk Gauze Dress c.1860 with original buttons and trim; shown with original buckle, collar and brooch


Young lady's purple print dress for summer, 1860s.

Muslin day dress

Civil War era sheer gown

Gossamer 1860's White Cotton Dress

Blue and Cream Evening dress, circa 1860s

Dress. France. 1863-1865. Green silk trimmed with taffeta and a lace collar Silk material is hand-embroidered in silk and cut-steel beads,

Ball gown, circa late 1860s. From Swiss National Museum.

Pink cotton dress with black wool Greek key embroidery, American, ca. 1862.

Would work in almost any setting, thinking mixed with futuristic and late 1800s set with old english tendencies and advanced technologies.

Pink plaid evening/ball gown, 1860s

1812-1815 young girl's gown

ca. 1860

Embroidered red and black antebellum Southern Belle style evening gown circa 1850

One of my favourite dress photos, this 1860s ballgown takes my breath away every time I see it.

One-piece gown, ca. 1860s, with band of purple grasses at the hem and overall sprigged design. Kerry Taylor Auctions

c. 1805-1810 Embroidered Empire Muslin Gown

Dinner dress, 1860s. Most importantly... RAINBOW FRINGE!!!!