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    Everyone should know these basics for when you don’t have measuring utensils! Never just “eye ball” portion sizes! You almost always go over!

    How to remove scratches from simple! must remember.

    Forget unruly plastic bags that seemingly regenerate under your sink. An empty tissue box keeps them neatly corralled and ready for use.

    Clothes keep slipping off plastic hangers? Use a hot glue gun to apply a zig zag pattern on the arms of your plastic hangers to prevent all your wide-necked shirts from falling off. Works like a charm!

    Flight attendant shows you how to pack 10 days worth of clothes into a carry-on

    How to avoid the most common cooking mistakes.

    great diy ideas

    The Most Common Cooking Mistakes. This is so interesting.

    17 Random but good tips

    Shoe stretching.

    Soda can tabs on clothes hangers - double your storage space. (good for smaller closets)

    how to break in your shoes in less than 2 minutes. bye-bye blisters! everyone in the world needs to know this!

    So helpful

    A penny + a pinch of sugar in a vase keeps flowers perkier longer (who knew?)

    Recycle a Mio bottle for salad dressing, soy sauce, and more. Peel off the label, pop off the top, wash, and fill. Great size to pop into your lunch box and it doesn't leak.

    How to fix a bra. Wish I had known about this many bras ago. Seriously brilliant! I am so psyched to try this!

    Spray vinegar on windshield before a winter storm & car windows will not frost over...& other winter car tips.


    parmesan cheese containter lids will fit on mason jars! How about keeping baking soda by the sink for a mildly abrasive cleanser. Or flour near where you kneed your bread - just sprinkle on the counter.

    Tip: Plastic Wrap on the Stem Will Keep Bananas Fresh Longer. Gotta try this!!

    How to roll plastic bags so they come out like wipes. Now you can put them in those chlorox wipes bottles! You're welcome.

    Amazing, I had no idea! A standard mason jar will fit most blenders, turning it into a single-serve magic bullet type of contraption.

    Who knew?!

    100 Random Tips...this list just literally changed my life.