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Pedro and Ines rest hopefully in peace in the beautiful Monastery of Alcobaca, their matched tombs inscribed with the words "Até o fim do mundo..." or "Until the end of the world..." Peter I of Portugal, 14th century fell in love with his wife's lady in waiting, father had her assassinated (after 4 children): when Peter became king, Legend is he had Inês' body exhumed, placed upon a throne, dressed in rich robes and jewels, requiring all of his vassals to kiss the hand of the deceased…

Justice often depends on how much you can pay your lawyer or judge. It's that way now, so I'm sure it was worse then, if you even had a trial. Now trials are big bucks, for everybody but the victim.

Treasury of Tutankhamun, 1926, by Harry Burton. Burton's photograph of the treasury, a small room off the burial chamber in the tomb of Tutankhamun, is a classic image of discovery. Ancient Egypt .

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Morbid Monday: The Royal Rotting Room

The Royal Rotting Room The Royal Pantheon is ornate marble with stacks of identical tombs and gleaming nameplates. It's a one-size-fits-all situation, so before this beautiful grave, each monarch must take a trip to the Rotting Room. Located behind the Pantheon walls, accessible only to monks this secretive room accessed by a private passage is where for at least 20 years mortal kings — and queens who birthed kings — decompose beneath lime until they are completely bone.