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I gratefully accept money from all the sources the universe sends to me with love and affection <3

Keep your energy in the high vibe. First thing every day, think of something you love and run that vibrant energy through every cell of you. Instead of running on your personal energy, connect with the limitless Life Source energy that thrives throughout the universe and let that be the well spring that sources your well being, your creative drive, and your passions for life!! --Soliera Green

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Generous streams of money flow easily into my life. I joyfully allow tens of thousands of dollars from the unlimited Source of all supply

Inspirational Wall Decal - Follow Your Bliss And The Universe Will Open Doors - Joseph Campbell Quote - LARGE - 32"w x 11.25". $33.00, via Etsy.

Quote: I will dare to just do what I do. Be just who I am and dance whenever I want to Beverly Williams