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45 Incredible Quotes Designed To Stimulate Your Brain ALEX WAIN APRIL 8, 2013 1 We’ve looked high and low around the interwebs to bring you these 45 quotes, designed to light that creative spark and give that added smack of inspiration – because we all need a bit of a lift occasionally don’t we?

My favorite quote! Something I need to remember every single day. No two people are alike. STOP comparing yourself to someone else! God made you the way you are for a reason! You are His creation! His masterpiece! Be happy with who you are. There is nothing sexier than self confidence. (I'm still a work in progress!)

Sometimes you have to extend your arm farther than you thought you could reach. Dreams are not easy, but you must run through the mud to get to the promise land.

Have you ever noticed that those who don't try to show you everything they've got and everything they know are so much easier to be around and yet mysterious in a good way? I believe it's because of their confidence. They understand their own worth, value who they are and seek nobody else's approval. :) Some wise words below on staying humble..... #confidentspeaking

" I used to care what people thought until I tried to pay my bills with their opinions." #keepitmoving

~ The stuff that comes out of your mouth....That's Bullshit Darling....YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT HIM OUT OF IT!!! Don't give his phone number out to people!!! YOUR FAULT!

By far my most favorite quote!!!! Everyone should collect moments and memories instead of trying to collect material items!