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    How to tell when you're in a room with a 2-way mirror


    It's the nostalgia, brah... << *Cries because memories of five year old life*

    Girl code.. Every girl should read this! I put this on my funny board because 1) most of it is a duh and 2) I can dine with a friends man and it be okay

    So true...

    Ugh. Unfortunately beyond true.

    There is no North and South, really. There's just Southerners, and then there's everyone else who wishes they were.

    Laundry woes!

    LOL Makes Me Pin!

    Why does 5 minutes of pinning. Always turn out to be 5 hours? - created by eleni


    Women are sensitive, they overthink every little thing and they care way more than they should, but that's what makes their love so strong!


    oh, I laughed wayyyy to hard at this

    Strong Women... - Quote Generator QuotesAndSayings

    I swore all the way into work this morning. Stupid snow, stupid drivers, stupid patience. :-)

    Samee cards

    Amen. They are curious little boogers.

    ...and the secret chocolate

    ha! 100% true

    Yep! It's so true.