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musts: “ Eyjafjallajoekull Lava Falls by Uri Golman “ An Icelandic volcano that has been dormant for nearly 200 years has just erupted near the Eyjafjallajoekull glacier sending lava flows down into the valley. These falls are aproximatly had just.

Fingels Cave in Scotland (apparently was misrepresented by name and location when I repinned it from another user.)

East of Reykjavik, Iceland lies the mountain, Hengill. Hengill was formed from a Palagomite tuff, it is a central volcano and has a giant magma chamber beneath it. When thick basalt lava flows cool, t (Cool Pictures Travel)


New Zealand is on my list one places to visit one day. And it's close to the top of my list.

Cotton Grass Iceland

Field of Cotton Grass in IceLand - 10 Fairy Tales Photos Of Unreal Places. You can find cotton grass in WV at Cranberry Glades.

Milk Pool - ICELAND  This is how i pictured iceland to always be

A so-called milk pool waterfall in Iceland. Awesome right? The water has a milky blue color because of the minerals and algae in it, that makes it look bright blue when the sun shines on it.

Great Ice Canyon in Iceland

"Chasing Ice" documentary - - Great Ice Canyon in Iceland by photographer: James Balog for National Geographic - Wow! And one to watch before going to Iceland

Beautiful Norway!

Red buildings are a beautiful contrast with the white snow.When the calm meets the storm, Iceland.

lying here for hours staring at the massive waterfall framed with basalt columns...

Iceland - lying here for hours staring at the massive waterfall framed with basalt columns.