Now where did I put mt AAA card?

1965 Dodge M37

Airless tyres on a Humvee. Surely the future for all cars within a few years...I so need these!!!!!


Russian snow blowers

Ekranoplan Casspian The Russian Tank-Ship-Plane

An excavator cutting a road out of the side of a Mountain

This is scary!

Gonna need a bigger road...

Slsmmed Hot Rod, it doesnt get any lower

That's a big truck! #cat #bigtruck

Holy crap.. I love it..!

Future Vehicle, John Deere Walking Tractor Prototype (+VIDEO), Plustech, Robot, Timberjack’s Total Machine Control system (TMC), Finland


One VERY old snow blower.

Art Chrisman twin-Chrysler twin-axle

Big Brutus.



Snow Machine