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    Fraction sundae project

    Fractions can be one of the hardest things to teach!! This project gives the students the opportunity to multiply, divide and write equivalent fractions by converting recipes and creating a personal cookbook. Detailed directions are included, as well as a checklist for grading.

    Extension to the fraction ice cream sundae project, written explanation for each fraction both in fractional form and written. Then attached was a personal reflection.

    Amateur Architect Fraction Project Amateur Architect is a hands-on math project that requires students to read directions and compute fraction operation problems. Students use the resulting measurements and a ruler to construct a house and garage.

    Fraction Shuffle ***I would use this in my class in the lesson to engage my students. I would also use this as a example to a project for my students to produce a song for remembering fractions.***

    Fraction game

    Penguin Fractions: Exploring the Basics from Laura Candler - Activities, games, and fraction cards to practice basic fraction concepts including fractions on a number line. Aligned with 3rd grade CCSS; nice review for 4th and 5th grade $ #LauraCandler

    52 winter-themed task cards, covering addition and subtraction of fractions, locating fractions on a number line, improper fractions, mixed numbers, fraction word problems, and more! Answer key and student recording sheet included for a SUPER low price! Use this as a center or fun activity for early finishers throughout the winter months. $

    Great game to work on fractions with kids - use your connect 4 game to make it fun!

    Teaching Fractions- wall fraction strips

    FREE Equivalent Fractions activity (Pizza Fraction Fun). Great homework practice after class makes their own fraction strips- Lora Ashley

    March Madness Tournament math project. Aligned to CC. Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Mean/Median/Mode/Range, Probability.....just to name a few. $3.50

    Great anchor charts on fractions here!

    FREE St. Patrick's Day Fraction and Decimal Shamrock Puzzles

    Fractions on a Number Line Bingo: This Fractions on a Number Line Bingo game gives your students practice matching fractions to their placement on a number line. Practice identifying fraction halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, and even tenths on the number line!

    Fraction Hopscotch

    4th grade and it includes math and art! 4. NF.1 Extend understanding of fraction equivalence and ordering.

    Adding Fractions Game ~ Adding Fractions with Common Denominators. Cards could also be used for Scoot.

    Real Teachers Learn: Math Manipulatives and Fraction Art {Fractions and decimal relationship- hundredths}

    Fraction ideas and activities for your sixth grade classroom.

    Top 10 books that teach fractions to kids