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Fraction sundae project

Fraction hopscotch...cool!

Top 10 books that teach fractions to kids

Great anchor charts on fractions here!

Real Teachers Learn: Math Manipulatives and Fraction Art {Fractions and decimal relationship- hundredths}

Here's a Math Menu for students working on fractions, decimals and percents.

Equivalent Fraction Chart

The kids made self portrait mosaics and then found the perimeter, area, and fractions that would make their art piece a "Math Mosaic."

Fraction Shuffle ***I would use this in my class in the lesson to engage my students. I would also use this as a example to a project for my students to produce a song for remembering fractions.***

FREE! Fractions Bingo Game - This is such a fun, clever way to help kids learn about fractions with a math game (2nd -5th grade)

FREE Simplifying Fractions Bingo Game from Laura Candler's Teaching Resources

Oi/Oy practice...feed the pig the words with the "oi" sound and then write the words they fed him.

Extension to the fraction ice cream sundae project, written explanation for each fraction both in fractional form and written. Then attached was a personal reflection.

Fraction ideas and activities for your sixth grade classroom.

The Carpet Song- Free Poster

Operations with Fractions Cookbook Project http://samscutlerydepot.com/product/sani-safe-s131f-6-pcp-6-flexible-curved-boning-knife-with-polypropylene-handle/

Amateur Architect Fraction Project Amateur Architect is a hands-on math project that requires students to read directions and compute fraction operation problems. Students use the resulting measurements and a ruler to construct a house and garage.

Adding Fractions Game ~ Adding Fractions with Common Denominators. Cards could also be used for Scoot.

Fraction game

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