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Dog friendly stores you may have never known were dog friendly! :D

33 Stores That Don't Ask You To Leave Your Dog Outside While You Shop

19 Dog Friendly Stores: Remember to always call your local store to be sure they accept dogs and be sure your pup is leashed and well behaved! So, start training your pup early by taking them to these pup-friendly places ~DEVOTA

Unique Handstamped Pet ID Tag Layered 2 Disc Bow Dogs. $12.50, via Etsy. Cutest dog tags!!

The Bella Unique Handstamped Pet ID Tag Layered 2 by veryvintage

Paracord Bracelet.  I've been meaning to make some of these for a long time, they come in really handy when camping and backpacking because you can unravel them

Paracord Bracelet With a Side Release Buckle

DIY Paracord bracelets -or dog collars. great gift idea for camping peeps. I think I'll make my dog a paracord collar.

How to make Paracord Monkey Fist Keychain. I love mine so if anybody thinks about attacking me gets a wallop for their troubles! Translation: I can kick your butt any day, keep that in mind... That pin escalated to a very violent level very quickly... So sorry

Paracord Monkey Fist

How to make Paracord Monkey Fist Keychain. A great idea for protection readily available on your keychain!

Weblyest - A few clever ideas to try out around the house (30 Photos)

Repurpose Old Furniture Into Pet Beds.this gives me an idea to use one of my end tables. Add sides and bottom and make a cat hideaway! But bigger!

Funny, Memes, Pictures: funny-animals-227

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 23 Pics

Funny, Memes, Pictures: funny-animals-227

Easy Paracord Projects  | Best 550 Paracord Ideas and DIY Paracord Projects at Survival Life Blog: survivallife.com

Easy Paracord Projects

Paracord watch band / bracelet with a side release buckle. Need to do this for my watch. might need a new watch tho.

HaHa!  Undercover K-9 Unit

HaHa! Undercover K-9 Unit

love this boys smile!! look at that boy i think im fall in love

Identifie quelqu'un :-P Au passage aime la page on se marre bien ici (y)