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capped tones

brown, beige, and steely blue with a pop of Coral

Так часто нам не хватает музы, вдохновения, часто думаем, где и как найти идеи для формы и цвета? А вдохновение - оно вокруг, в каждом кирпичике, каждой травинке и облаке - нужно только уметь видеть! Одни из самых богатых и невероятных цветовых сочетаний дают, например, ржавчина и патина. Действительно, все, к чему прикасается природа и время совершенно!

Or maybe this for a living room. The purple tone with accents in everything else and maybe a gray design in the white/gray color

This is meant as a wall color palette, but I love it even more as an eye shadow palette.

window tones by R&M

window tones: pink and grey

teal paint colors for kids room | Colors! | oh my little dears: Painting the rainbow Behr paint colors ...

[Color Palette] Rainbow Colors by Behr Paint

planted hues for fall. Try these color schemes with that cardigan. I see light blue skinny jeans with brown boots and yellow/tan/gold/mint scarf? @Michelle Orozco

planted hues for fall. Try these color schemes with that cardigan.

Shelled Tints Color Scheme

egg shell tins from Design Seeds

Design Seeds - A blog of color palettes

Home Page

Design Seeds - Carousel Color palette for Bohemian Dream Cottage

very uniquely calming. I'd like to see it actually used in a room

salted tones: This could be good downstairs. Green in the living/dining; light blue in the family room; pink in the powder room; Not sure where the chocolate color should go.

Color Inspirations Board

Clever Site for Color Palettes! This one reminds me of coral and mint colors!


Color palette idea for my patio/garden

Community Post: The 15 Best Design Seeds Palettes

The 15 Best Design Seeds Palettes

banana tones (brown and second from bottom yellow)

Design Seeds

Green Door Hues via Design Seeds

Breakfast hues

culinary color scheme from Design Seeds


cocoa browns- warm, cozy, and not bland!

boating tones

boating tones bedroom, with lighter green