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  • Tabitha Ford

    so true!!! well the sagittarius and the cancer anyway and leo & gemini

  • Samantha Northup

    Interesting! : ) the four people I trust the most have zodiac sign virgo, libra, and scorpio! Husband is capricorn and father cancer sign!

  • Kristin Goldberg

    Quotes About Scorpio Woman | love quote friendship Aquarius cancer virgo leo Libra gemini ... @Marianna Baglivo

  • FrancoVoyance Officiel

    Horoscope personalities #astrology ;) #gemini, #capricorn, #libra, #aries, #scorpio, #virgo, #taurus, #cancer, #pisces, #leo, #sagittarius, #aquarius Your daily horoscope Votre horoscope quotidien Check our Facebook and Website

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This is why we study people so closely before giving ourselves over completely. Zodiac Mind - Your #1 source for all fun zodiac related content!

Personally I(Scorpio) don't let my sense of humor get to the point were its considered "Rude", but I know other Scorpios who do :P And that is soooo TRUE about Leos, they always have something so super FUNNY to say XD

Listen to your gut. It is usually very accurate. This will serve you well as you grow older.

Whether you believe the Zodiac or not, this is very accurate for me

Haha true we may not mention it but oh yes we are ~ I am VERY observant of people and there actions ... and what they say or don't...

Capricorn-----this is so true that I can't stand it!!! I do 95% of these things when I'm stressed!!!

Oh my god, this is soooooo true! Why do people take things so seriously?!?

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