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This video, recovered from 16mm film reels bought at a garage sales, feature old shots of the Bay Shore rail yard, the Bay Shore Tunnel and San Bruno. Shot by Robert G. Sage, Sr., this film was captured in the 1950s. Amazing historic footage that was saved and digitized by Leonard with Journey Back Productions. The Peninsula footage begins around the 1:56 mark.

One of great railroad routes in the world. This film was done in 2009, one of the last busy years for this route. That's because the Union Pacific Railroad made the Donner Pass tunnel larger so it would accomodate the container trains and now many of those trains go over Donner Pass, not down the Feather River. You can still see trains there, s...

1950's train film "Right of Way USA" by the Association of American Railroads

▶ Railroad Grade Crossing Safety - The Last Clear Chance - 1959 Union Pacific Railroad - Val73TV - YouTube

▶ Train film - "The Freight Yard" - New York Central RailRoad 1950's Trains in America - WDTVLIVE42 - YouTube

"Careful Carman" - Employee safety film produced by the Union Pacific RailRoad

Union Pacific RailRoad 1940's film "Look Listen and Live" - car safety at railroad crossings

Pennsylvania Railroad GG-1 Electric Train - 1950's educational film. |

"Progress on the Rails" - Pennsylvania RailRoad 1952 - Train Publicity Film

Trains, The Last Clear Chance - 1959 Railroad Grade Crossing Safety Film...

▶ "Why Risk Your Life?" -- 1940s Railroad Safety Film - YouTube

Southern Pacific railroad poster