“Spectacle Suit” by Claire McCardell.  From Life Magazine, January 17, 1949.

hussein chalayan dress by horst diekgerdes

1953 swimsuit.

1952 LIFE Magazine - Photo by Nina Leen

Another Magazine


Barbara Wood photographed by Nina Leen, 1950

'The In Crowd," The New York Times Style Magazine Winter 2012

1958 Life

vintage beach girls. why cant they make bathing suits like this today? ,notice the curvy girls stand out more than the skinny ones... I was born in the wrong time.

Vogue, January 1975

Smoking suits of the 1920s.

Claire McCardell's playsuit

Dinner suit - Claire McCardell 1934

Bathing suit - Claire McCardell 1946

Bathing suit - Claire McCardell 1952

Claire McCardell red bathing suit c. 1957.

Bathing suit, Claire McCardell, 1945

Seafolly 'Goddess' Bikini Top | Nordstrom

Bathing suit by Claire McCardell | 1950 | Silk | The Metropolitan Museum of Art