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    фото Павел ТАнцерев, одежда стиль Анна Кубанова by anyakub

    It was allllllll good until she added that hideous ear piece. :)

    Some day, when my husband's job doesn't require me to make occasional appearances at company events, I'm doing this.

    In the mythology of the Aboriginal people of south-eastern Australia, Gnowee is a Solar Goddess whose torch is the Sun. She was once a woman who lived upon the earth at a time when it was eternally dark, and people could only move about with the aid of bark torches. One day she left her little boy sleeping while she went out to dig for yams and became lost. She still wanders the sky to this day, lighting the whole world with her torch as she continues to search for her lost son.

    I'd love to go this color, but I do NOT have the guts to do it.

    this would be a fun idea to work with crayon melting on

    This would take some work and money, but at least once before I die (and before I'm too old to look like I'm in crisis mode;), I want this color.