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4 Tips For Air Travel With Your Photography Gear

These basic digital photography tips can easily change your images then save you time in the course of picture modifying. Typically, permit's delve into this selection of incredible digital photography tutorials.

5 considerations before investing in gear, for photographers who want to be wise with their money.

Make the Leap to Full-Time by Getting the Necessities

Night flight - Heathrow Airport at night - the world's busiest two runway airport pic.twitter.com/AtnKdwAh2U


Night flight - Heathrow Airport at night - the world's busiest two runway airport

"Egyszeriben sajgó gyengédség fogta el, ahogy menekülttársaira, erre a közel száz itt rekedt idegenre gondolt. Összehajtogatta az újságot, és az embereket nézte, a honfitársait: volt, aki aludt, mások fel-felriadtak a padokon és a szőnyegen, fel-alá járkáltak, a kezükben tartott eszköz kijelzőjére meredtek, vagy a repülőgépekből és hóból álló kinti tájat nézték, mindenki várta, most mi lesz."

The inky night wrapped around us like a cloak. We were invisible.

Here are some great tips for taking travel selfies on your next adventure.

Make sure to take the best selfies for your social media presence while you're away! My friend Vivienne gives some great Tips for Taking Travel Selfies (and her photos share a peek into the trip we took to Nashville last week - so much fun!

A Beginner's Guide to Flash Photography via I Heart Faces

Photography Tutorials and Photo Tips

The Appreciation of Circumstance (SCARPHELIA)

The Appreciation of Circumstance (SCARPHELIA)

This is so true of me.Looking out the window to the land below that is familiar and comfortable. I wanna travel but I also want to always have that relief to come home and get excited about seeing your family waiting with welcome arms.