Home made shaving gel - a little goes a long way - AND it makes your skin soft. Layer 1 C. Conditioner, 1 C. Shampoo, 5 T. Baby oil, 5 T. Hand cream. Shake.

DIY Shaving Cream.

Best home made body wash recipe I've found. (It's suppose to be ideal for Eczema) Update 3/15/12: I just finished making my first batch & I absolutely love it. It smells really great ( I used a lavender essential oil) & after washing my hands with it I quickly noticed how clean, soft & smooth they felt. **Might have to try =)

Homemade Eye Makeup Remover Pads and 'daily facial' wipes. I would fiddle with the ingredients a bit but these would be so handy to have pre-made and save SO much money! So much better for your skin too to use all natural ingredients, vitamins, and essential oils.

Homemade Shaving Lotion! DIY Easy Homemade Shaving Cream for men or women! You'll wonder why you never made this before! Skin-softening... it's the perfect homemade gift idea. Check out this simple recipe right now!

DIY Lip Balm

Homemade hand soap

DIY: Lemon Butter Lip & Skin Balm in Altoids Tins

Make your own shaving cream

For soft lips all winter long

homemade lipgloss recipe

DIY-Shaving-Lotion. Worth a shot

Save money and amaze your friends with homemade things 100+ Natural Homemade DIY Projects {Collection}

DIY Gel Air Freshener - With only a few ingredients you can make your own gel air fresheners! Decorate with some silk flowers or leaves and they are pretty enough to even give as gifts!

Summer leg prep!! 5 Stars. Anyone looking to pamper themselves should try this. The oil and sugar help exfoliate your legs for a deep clean and silky smooth feeling. It even helps to get rid of the unsightly red bumps I sometimes get on my thighs!

Cure for Itchy Legs | Pioneer Woman Home & Garden | Ree Drummond <--I didn't realize how good this was until I tried to use shaving gel last week and broke out immediately. No more breakouts or dry legs!

Homemade Coconut Oil Lime Shaving Cream - Moisturize your skin while you shave with this refreshing homemade shaving cream. You'll love the luxurious feel of this homemade shaving cream and how simple it is to make. Oh, and did I mention it's much cheaper than store bought shaving cream? Added bonus!

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philosophy 'cinnamon buns' shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath available at Nordstrom

How to Make an Extraordinary Coconut Oil Skin Polish for you and your family.