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  • Brandi Mott

    Magic Elf Seeds -- Use green or red Tic Tacs and some sugar. The kids plant the seeds before they go to bed and when they wake up the seeds have turned into candy canes! Really cute idea for Christmas Eve!

  • Bonnie Weniger

    magic else seeds those seeds turn into candy cans

  • Pamela Hogan

    Magic Elf Seeds. As a "thank you" for their letter to Santa, and for their belief in the magic of Christmas, one of Santa's elves mailed your kids some magic "seeds" (which look surprisingly similar to green Tic-Tacs ;) ) . The elf says that if your kids plant the seeds in a bowl of sugar before they go to bed on Christmas Eve, then the magic of Christmas will cause them to grow into something special. When they wake up, the seeds have grown into candy canes! This is similar to the Magic Bunny Beans (jellybeans) planted on the night before Easter, which magically grow into lollipops on Easter morning.

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