Aspen Comics’ Grace from Soulfire

How To Train Your Dragon 2

New York Comic Con Cosplay: See The Sexiest And Most Elaborate Costumes - Music, Celebrity, Artist News |

This unbelievable makeup and costume job was done by the talented Meagan Marie and her makeup artist, Hydred, for 2011's San Diego Comic Con. She outlines in detail the costume assembly at her website, so I'll let her walk you through the process.

Jane from Tarzan cosplay--Tarzan has never been my favorite Disney film, but I ADORE this costume! XD

Adrianne Curry 'Mortal Combat' costume at Comic Con in San Diego

Fairly Odd Parents

Tinkerbell by Tink Ichigo, Photo by Taranie. I'm in love with her wings. I wanna do a fairy cosplay just so I can make beautiful wings like these!!

Super Mario Sisters | MCM London Comic Con 2013

The previous pinner said: "El mejor #cosplay de Depredador que he visto en años San Diego Comic-Con 2012" Which I'm going to presume is the place this awesome predator was seen.

Lego cosplay

Maleficent-The Best Cosplay of Dragon Con 2014

Whether you're at comic con or just out and sincerely enthusiastic about you are doing!

Blue Falcon

Unknown is Wonder Woman — Photo by Caitlin Holland

Is this the best Joker cosplay ever or what?

Maleficent by nomokis on deviantART... check it out:


Tonks and Sirius taught us Defense Against The Cosplay Arts. | 28 Comic-Con Couples Who Totally Nailed This Cosplay Thing

Technically,she has a tattoo...but I just had to show some real life love for comics.

Nightwing (Danny Shepard) from a proposed Nightwing web series. Check out