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caracal kittens

Caracal Kittens Look, Pokémon babies! No, just kidding. These are kittens of the caracal cat, also known as the desert lynx. They're found across.

Caracal kittens ✿⊱╮

Photos offer glimpse at Oregon Zoo's exotic caracal kittens

magicalnaturetour: “ The Oregon Zoo’s caracal kittens aren’t on public display, but they appear ready for their close-ups. Photo by Michael Durham/Oregon Zoo ”

Trop mignon

Caracal / Desert Lynx (Caracal caracal) - Tiny little kitten by Andreas Jansrud

OMGoodness!  Look at this Beauty!!! - So Precious - QualQuest************* Jeune Characal

This is a Caracal Lynx kitten. Although cute and adorable, it is a wild animal and cannot be kept as a pet.

Another adorable shot of a caracal kitten by Anthony Ponzo on 500px

Caracal kitten: Caracals are common in parts of their sub-Saharan range, especially in South Africa and southern Namibia

earthcats:  Caracal Drink by Sebastien Campion

Caracals can survive without drinking for a long period—their water demand is satisfied with the body fluids of prey. Caracal drinking (by Sebastien Campion)

gorgeous- Caracal (Caracal caracal) sometimes called desert lynx But NOT amember of the lynx family.

The Caracal is a med-sized wild cat @ long, native to Africa, Asia into India. AKA ‘desert lynx’ tho it’s not a member of the lynx family. It’s most closely related to the African golden cat; likely diverged from serval lineage w/in the last 5 my.

Lions - splash of colour - photographer, location, and image-editor unknown

~Photograph Future Leader by Hendri Venter on - A very young lion cub leading the way. One of five cubs in the litter. Photographed in Kruger National Park, South Africa ♥ Trying Out His Leadership Abilities Already~