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Quick guide to southern grammar. YEESS !!! i hate when i go to a restaurant with the girls and the waitress says " hi guys what can i get you to drink" it's either ya'll or ladies... GUYS is not a replacement for y'all

Love that Kat Kitson saw this and thought of me :) So much truth.

Oh my, SO TRUE. phone up, cool ranch, xbox, apple, nike, hat on the left, verizon, monster? COKE. FANTA. digital, call of duty? (: LOL

Sometimes I forget to change the captions on my pins and worry people will think I really said that.

I don't always correct someone's spelling... but when I do, I Google it first so I don't make an ass of my self.

That is so odd that your child is misbehaving while you are ignoring him and texting on your phone and do not realize he is in the store.