evening dress of figured silk

1805-1810 Dress

Silk dress, 1800-1810

Silk dress, 1800-1810

1811 Ball Gown, British. MET, C.I.66.38.1a, b. Net/sheer dress over satin underdress. Many more pictures at museum site.

1905 evening gown


Dress, 1800-1810, Museu Nacional do Traje e da Moda. Gorgeous fabric! Pity it's so poorly presented.

White muslin evening dress with scarf. 1805-1810, possibly made in France. Materials and Techniques: Muslin, embroidered with cotton and silver thread, lined with linen, hand-sewn


Costume Drama - Sudley House, Liverpool museums

Evening dress ca. 1868 From the collection of Alexandre...

Dress, Evening, ca. 1880.

American Silk Ball Gown, circa 1820

1890 Evening dress

“Full dress” was the most formal kind of dress in a Regency Lady’s wardrobe. Full dress was worn for the most formal occasions — evening concerts and card parties, soirees, balls, and court occasions. “Evening dress” referred to outfits suitable only at evening events, but was a specific subset of “full dress”.

evening dress, c. 1817, England Muslin, Tambour

1898 // Pink Evening Ensemble

Empire-Style Evening Dress: ca. 1800-1810, embroidered organza with black cotton warp and silk weft.

Lady's Cabinet Fashion Plate - "EVENING DRESS (GREEN)" - Hand-Colored Engraving - 1840 (I'm sorry but what the fucks up with their faces?...)

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