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Light Forest by Ontwerpduo 2012, NL. Coated aluminium, copper lampshades

Cool lighting design over wood wall covering cinder block wall opposite coffee bar. I would use black painted conduit against grey wood slats. Sexy

I absolutely love this play on industrial office lighting to make something poetic in its sparse angularity.

Maybe all that bottles in my mother's house could have a second chance...from Lee Broom via Design Milk

Light forest is a wall and ceiling lighting system. The possibilities are unlimited. The design consists out of different parts, which can de connected to the wall and ceiling. Step by step the lighting system will "grow" across the space. It is possible to get only one single lighting point or many more lighting points, wherever you would like to position them. Obstacles or height differences are useful features to install these lights in a beautiful way.

make a virtue of electrical workings Light Forest / Ontwerpduo Pictures [delete from]

Lights + conduit. Ontwerpduo: Light Forest

The Swedish design duo of David Ericsson & Marcus Berg have created the Francis Lamps.

Wow this is cool! Everything is so minimalistic except the awesome way they installed the lights.

Light Forest date: 09.2010 commissioned by: Ontwerpduo type: unlimited product distribution: Ontwerpduo material: coated aluminium, pu, copper lampshades photo's: Lisa Klappe, Joost van Brug

Porcelain Cylinder - amorphous porcelain shades Gorgeous! I would definitely have some of these in my dream house. You?