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1946 Florida girls, especially like the girl second from right

Vintage beach wear - The beautiful lady second from my right looks just like my aunt!

1920's Fashion

Mary Pickford’s tea party interesting group of women.Notice all but one has their ankles demurely crossed and all but one has a hat? She is the one I'd like to meet :) she also seems far more interested in something off camera.

L to R - My Aunt Lois, A friend, My mom, and on top our Aunt Sadie.  My Mom came across some old photos.  She thought she had lost them in her recent move.  I scanned some of them so we won't have to worry about that again.

Fun with friends on Miami Beach, 1942 found photo beach bathing suits swimsuits , FL USA

1940 was a good time for dresses apparently. http://media-cache2.pinterest.com/upload/172755335675642023_SEKptiXr_f.jpg nickey vintage love black and white

Forties Fashion- from siren suits to the new look by Jonathan Walford. I give it five stars for telling the story of clothes in forties.