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Social skills fail... This happens to me all the time. When someone says, "Hello!" And then i say, "Good! Thank you!"... -facepalm-

OMG If it looks like a science experiment gone wrong I just toss the entire thing!

YES, YES I HAVE. I wait for sleep, baths and visits to gransparents...I REALLY DO!!!

They say if you you really want to know a person, look at their pinterest board. I say if you really really want to know a person, check out what they liked. You guys are some kinky bitches, keep up the good work.

So me except I don't worry about hurting there feelings. SAFETY FIRST

I can't hear you, so I'll just laugh and hope it wasn't a question.

Nothing says 'I mean business' like using a cart at the liquor store.

That feeling when you hear sirens in a song and look in the mirror to make sure isn't a cop. Guilty!

Lol I do this all the time l!! Or I txt my own number and put mom as the contact name

What Disney taught me… THAT just answered a big question about where my girls learned the drama!!! Worth the whole 2+ hours of Pinterest time tonight!