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No One's Ever Been Able To Explain These 13 Things. They'll Give You Cold Chills.

The Falling Body: As the Cooper's move into their new home in Texas, they take a photograph of the family sitting together, but as the photo is taken, a body falls from the ceiling.

Photograph taken in Thailand may show a man's spirit leaving his body. His face has been blacked out to conceal his identity. The ghost photo was taken by Chiang Mai police while the scene was being investigated after the man was murdered in a fight. A volunteer interviewed said this was the first time he has seen a photo like this in his 30 years of working with police. Authorities and locals were both shocked and awed by the image.


An entry from With Hands and Hair

Vintage "Spirit" Photo

At first glance this ghost picture looks like nothing more than a simple double exposure. That is, however, until you find out that the woman standing in front of the man had been dead for years at the point in which the photograph was taken. She was the man's dead wife but yet she showed up in the ghost picture.

266 British Soldiers Disappear In 1915 Without A Trace - One of the strangest occurrences of the entire First World War – the disappearance of an entire regiment of men in the midst of battle during the infamous Gallipoli campaign. The incident came to light mainly through the eyewitness account of three members of a New Zealand field company, who said that they watched from a clear vantage point as a battalion of the Royal Norfolk Regiment marched up a hillside in Suvla Bay, Turkey.....

1925 At Fleetwood Fish Market, Blackpool England, a photograph was taken of some packers, and when it was developed, it showed the image of a Mr Haig – he had died one year before.

UNCOVERED - SECURITY CAM GHOST! In this episode of "Uncovered" we receive two photos taken by a Chicago College student. He claims to have captured these scary images on his security camera inside of his Logan Square apartment. In the first photo you see what appears to be the spirit of a young boy. In the second image, it appears to be a young boy again, except this time it is following the man walking in the photo. Tell us what YOU think! #IPRAstrong

A mysterious creature from between 150 and 160 centimeters was found by an archaeologist near Lahun when exploring a small pyramid near the Dynasty doceaba of Senusret II. "The mummy of what appears to be an alien, dates back more than 2000 years and it seems it would be a humanoid" said a source at the Egyptian Antiquities Department, who provided details and photographs of the find but did so under condition anonymity. "

La boite vertefrom La boite verte

Du WTF à l’ancienne #2


This photograph was taken on a wet, drizzly day on Dartmoor on the 14th June 2002. The photographer had been sitting in the car watching the ponies with her partner and decided to take a picture of them before they went home. They were totally baffled when they saw the little girl who appears to be petting the pony, as they are absolutely sure there was nobody else around at the time.

1925 - a girl visiting the grave of her twin sister who died in a house fire the year before. Parents of the girl saw her, on many occasions, talking to her sister like she was playing in her room, but saw no one , until this photo was developed you know there is some idiot that thinks they had photo shop in 1925