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    • Kittie Travel

      Waimanu Valley, Hawaii #WaimanuValley #Hawaii #BigIsland #hike #travel

    • Frances Garrity

      Beautiful Waimanu Valley. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, there is a shade of green here not found anywhere else.

    • Charlotte Eslava

      Holy green-ness! Waimanu Valley, Kauai, Hawaii

    • Aurelia Malys

      *nature photography, landscapes, green, hawaii* - Beautiful Waimanu Valley, Hawaii.

    • carol wagner

      Beautiful Waimanu Valley, Big island Hawaii. Doesn't get much greener than this! ASPEN CREEK TRAVEL -

    • Anna White - 2dayIchoose

      Beautiful Waimanu Valley, Hawaii. #fine #art #photography #green #mountain #waterfall #waimanu #valley #hawaii #travel

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