How to keep an avocado from browning

How to Keep Avocados from Turning Brown

How to Keep Avocados From Turning Brown

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How to FREEZE Avacados! I never knew, this will definitely come in handy. I love avacados and would buy more of them but I'm sure most would go bad before I used them up.

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How to Prevent Avocados From Browning

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Never Peel an Egg Again. How did I not know about this?

Peel an entire head of garlic in less than 30 seconds...kinda like performing a magic trick in your kitchen! I cannot believe how well this worked!

flavored water recipes, SO much healthier than serving soda or other sugary drinks!

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Apparently these are the best cookies ever - this is THE best choc chip cookie recipe. EVER. been using this for the past few years and it's nearly made me famous in sweden. nearly ;) Gotta try!

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Guac Salsa. can be made thicker or thinner, depending on what you're using it for.

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Set of 2 'Avocado Huggers'. Two sizes that fit over half an avocado to keep it fresher longer with an airtight seal and without using plastic wrap, etc.

25 clever tips to make life easier. You have no idea how smart this stuff is. I mean...duh. im baffled.