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    These are all beautiful women, but I'd rather look like a beautiful, curvy vase than a stiff, little popsicle stick.

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    • Kerry Steinhofer

      The Dove women are what real women look like. The Victoria Secret ones are what the world wants us to look like. Follow the example of the BEAUTIFUL Dove women that know what REAL beauty is. Thanks for showing us that it doesn't matter what you look like. You can be beautiful without looking like the women above them.

    • Carly Conover

      Victoria's Secret vs. Dove. I think it's safe to say that the top girls are all unrealistically thin and the ones on bottom are what most of us are like. I think the women from the Dove campaign are more beautiful and look more healthy. Either way, be happy with you're body :)

    • Diana Dupraw

      Must be &*%#ing easy to "love [your] body" when you look like a Victoria's Secret model. . . what about the rest of us?!? Thank you, Dove, for making "real" beautiful.

    • Jamie Block

      The Victoria's Secret Love Your Body Campaign Vs. The Dove Real Beauty. Have a healthy image of your body. I honestly think the dove girls are gorgeous! Goal body for sure

    • Maddy Perennity

      Victoria's Secret's "Love My Body" space alien campaign vs. Dove's "Real Beauty" human girl campaign. #humansrule

    • Emily Lopez

      Every girl wants to have a body like a Victoria Secret model.. But they look a little stickly and spidery when compared to the Dove real beauty campaign.

    • Marrika Dixon

      I found this really power to see what the difference were regarding this the two body campaign. I love the Dove one because its showing every body types and different ethnicity while the Victoria Secret models, there's one thing in common, thin body image which anything can lead up to this point but society wants women to look like the VS models and if we look like the Dove models, its being viewed as fat and not beautiful. Being you is beautiful. Doesnt matter what size! <3

    • Ivy Blais

      This is the "Victoria's Secret: Love my Body Campaign" and the "Dove: Real Beauty Campaign" side by side. -- Both campaigns have photoshopping, and the dove one doesn't have anyone above as size 12. Truth matters to me, so when a friend said she though the dove girls were 'unhealthy role models' and the V.S. are good, I told her I thought that the dove girls are healthy. Telling her that, meant she decided that my opinion was so worthless as to not want to talk to me anymore. That Hurts.

    • Jennifer Burrack

      Body image ~ #bodyimage, #Dove #VictoriaSecret

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    Victoria's Secret? Photoshop.

    96 bodies you won't see on billboards but should. WHY? Because this is what we really look like. Diverse, amazing and unique. There is no right way to have a body

    A lot of work — and airbrushing — goes into modeling. Here are (from left to right) Alessandra Ambrosio, Crystal Renn and Brooklyn Decker posing for Victoria’s Secret. And in this shot, they’ve been caught without a whiff of airbrushing. Look how … normal they look (well, Renn and Decker, anyway).

    all girls need to see this... Super models without make up.

    If Barbie were a real woman, her head would be the same circumference as her waist, meaning she’d have room for only half a liver and a few inches of intestines, (as opposed to the usual 26 feet). The result: chronic diarrhea and death from malabsorption & malnutrition. To look like Barbie proportionally, a healthy woman would need to add 61 cm to her height, subtract 15 cm from her waist, add 13 cm to her chest, and 8 cm to her neck length.


    the best pictures taken in 2012. some of these are amazing

    Seeing the model on the left's emaciated form next to the curves and softness of the model to the right, I pause to wonder: WHO decided that lovely, normal, beautiful girls aren't sexy? Who DECIDED that boys and men should pant for the incredibly small percentage of women whose bodies are like the model on the left? Whoever they were, I call "Bullshit!" Were they trying to make us weaker? Women were demanding rights, so someone decided to influence society - "Let's make them weak, body-obsessed, hungry, and decimate their natural self esteem!" I can't think of any other reason anyone would want to have the model on the left's body.

    Real bodies. Forget the Dove ads.

    true gentleman

    "After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh." - Mr. Big. SATC

    ''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.'' I have the best mom.

    Oliver Gal 'The Time' Wall Art available at #Nordstrom Great point! I'd buy this.

    Everybody is beautiful (just remember to be HEALTHY)... PREACH!


    Every girl, every size, everywhere needs to read this. It's funny but horribly true about how all women see themselves. (rePinned 082213TLK) must have!

    In the 50s, this was perfection. Clearly, I'm living in the wrong decade.

    Reviving faith in humanity.

    Miller, who is around a US size 12-14 (that is, either average or slightly below average) is considered too large to model for plus-size lines Marina Rinaldi (she says, "they like girls who are an 8-10") or Elena Miro. She says that the overwhelming reaction to the tiny photograph, buried on page 194 of Glamour magazine "shows that the world is hungry to see pictures of normal women."