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"Dinosaur City", Northern China

Camel, Northern Wei–Northern Qi dynasty, mid–late 6th century China Earthenware with traces of pigment H. 9 3/4 in. (24.8 cm)

China | The queen of smiles! Portrait of an old Yi woman taken in northern Yunnan | © Boaz Images

Northern Vietnam Lady. A Vietnamese Poem: " Everybody Cries In life, I know that everybody cries. But I’ve never seen a tear from her eyes Since her first breathed breathe, till the last breath dies. Her small story was long and left unclear. I won’t tell, from the rumors I had hear, Not sad but surely made me shed a tear. I learned from this story filled with reddish blue That she did cry, even more than most of you. But tears aren't visible, till you look her through." By- Celine Tran

550-577 CE Armored Horse and Rider made for a tomb Northern Qi Dynasty China. Painted Earthenware.

Ningde, also known as Mindong, is a prefecture-level city located along the northeastern coast of Fujian province, People's Republic of China.

China | A young Miao woman photographed during the Lusheng Festival | © deepchi1 on Flickr This is a typical headdress for women during the Lusheng Festival.

. pic of a young girl with traditional costume at Guilin - China.

Ewer [China] (26.292.73) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

“…the past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whatever form. Both are illusions.” -Eckhart Tolle (Image: Chiang Mai | ©Al Meilan)

Asia - China / Guizhou + Guangxi | Changjiao Miao woman wearing her traditional necklace and elaborate hair style | © RURO photography

i love the vermillion walls of old beijing. if you can catch them in between painting they make for richly layered close-up photographs