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It's Flashback Friday! Southwest Swag and other Promotions from the Swinging 1970s:

Airlines Jet

Airlines Boeing

Boeing 737

Airlines Began

Airlines Airplane

Southwest Airlines

Travel Southwest

Amc Pacers

Airline Stuff

Southwest Airlines 1972 with matching Gremlins

Vintage Aviation

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Pan Am Stewardesses, 1965

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Vintage Stewardess

Pan Am stewardess, 1960’s.

Stewardesses 1960S

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Uniform 1960

Unique Stewardess

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Uniform Check

Nice Uniform #stewardess #goldenage # hostess

Airlines Stewardesses

Airline Stewardess

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Southwest Airlines stewardesses, 1970s (via

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Becoming a Pan Am Stewardess...your step-by-step guide.

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Flight Attendant Vintage

flight attendants aboard the lockheed L-1011 tri-star, wearing fabulous outfits, and happy about it all.

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It's Flashback Friday! Take a look at these photos from the early days of Southwest!


Flashback Fridays: Forgotten Corners of Southwest's History

Uniform 1974

Pants Uniform

1970S Flight

In Flight

Airlines Uniform

Airlines 1975

Airline Stuff

Luv Airline

1974 Funny

Southwest Airlines 1974 uniform

Airline Gals

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Airlines 1970S

Airlines Nal

Airlines Stewardesses

National Airlines Stewardesses, 1970s. I LOVE everything about this! Lol!

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Commercial Aviation

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Not necessarily a secret to us airplane geeks, Southwest did actually fly something other than the 737. In 1978, Southwest operated one 727 leased by Braniff, and a total of six throughout the early 1980′s. What most people don’t know, however, is that Southwest’s original plan never included the 737, nor the 727. Southwest had reached an agreement to acquire American’s Lockheed Electra’s, but the legal delays allowed time for the 737 opportunity to become available.

The Invisible Agentfrom The Invisible Agent

Vintage Stewardesses of the Jet Age

Psa Flight

Sexy Flight

Flight Crew

Flight Attn

1960S Flight

Pretty Flight

Delta Flight

Pacific Southwest

1970S Pacific

Vintage flight attendants, 1970s... PSA was an intrastate carrier operating extensive routes throughout California, including peak-hour L-1011 widebodies between LAX and SFO.

Goldenage Airline

Stewardess Goldenage

Vintage Stewardess

Airline Stewardess

Stewardess Early


Airlines 1970 S

Airlines Uniforms

Flygvärdinnor Bl

Southwest Airlines

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Braniff Stewardess 70s

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american airlines stewardess photos - Google Search

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1970s 747 Interior

Airline 747

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747 Interior

Interior Style

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Vintage Continental

1972. Continental Airline 747 Interior.

Nuts About Southwestfrom Nuts About Southwest

Flashback Fridays: Sequels to Iconic Images

Southwest Funny

Southwest Wn

Southwest Travel

Vintage Southwest

Vintage Flight

Vintage Airline

Vintage Aviation

Luv Airline

Airline Fever

It's #FlashbackFriday - Sequels to Iconic Southwest images:

70S Cowgirl

Cowgirl Getup

Vintage Cowgirl

Airline Fashion

Stewardess Fashion

Retro Stewardess

Airlines Stewardess

Vintage Stews

History Historical Vintage

1970s Pan Am airline stewardess fashions.

The Huffington Postfrom The Huffington Post

PHOTOS: Style In The Aisle: A Look Back At Flight Attendants' Uniforms

Airlines 1970 S

Airlines Uniforms

West Airlines

Stewardess Uniforms

Airlines Stewardess

Classy Airlines

Retro Uniforms

Retro Stewardess

Vintage Stewardesses

I used to be a flight attendant for American Airlines in the 1970's and I am nostalgic for those days!