• Mary Barnett

    Grilled artichoke heart - Trim and quarter artichokes and slowly boil them until tender. Let them cool completely down, then pull out the choke and prickly leaves. Place the quartered artichokes in a bowl, drizzle olive oil all over, place grated romano cheese between the leaves along with salt, pepper, finely chopped garlic and fresh parsley. Place them on a hot grill turning them over until the cheese gets crusty and garlic cooks, it just takes a few minutes.

  • Terri Malek

    Grilled Artichokes are my very favorite grilled food:)))

  • Julien Sauer

    Grilled Artichokes with Garlic and #cooking tips #cooking guide #recipes cooking| http://amazing-cooking-tips-336.blogspot.com

  • LaDonna Koerner-Miller

    grilled artichokes with romano cheese and fresh garlic drizzled in olive oil. Grilled fish/ and more!! Love to grill !!!

  • Amy Roman

    grilled artichokes with romano cheese and fresh garlic drizzled in olive oil - can't wait for grilling season! (7/5/2013) Food: Recipes: Sooner than Later (CTS)

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