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I was born too late for that crooner!

Dean Winchester ~ Supernatural

Supernatural :) I haven't watched the show in a long time, and I feel like I have abandoned a friend :'(

Soulless Sam is friggin hilarious.

hello beautiful green eyes, now if i could change his face to my husbands ... but keep the eyes! ♥

the famous Winchester knowledge. they know a little bit of everything, enough to make them dangerous

Fudge! Gonna have to remember to replace the other word with it. Dean makes is sound so cool and funny and the same time.

I get it Dean/Jensen Girls, I really do. But then I see a picture like this and I just...I can't. I'm a Sam/Jared Girl through and through. (ETA by Jocelyn: this is not my comment, I am Team Dean all the way but I adore Sam like a little brother too)

Dean sleeping. This is how you know you've crossed over to obsession; you start pinning/liking/looking at pictures of your favorite characters while they're sleeping. Oh yeah. I'm obsessed.

Why are there no great Sammy pics like this?!

poor dean died a hundred times! and poor sammy, he had to live through it & remember it

Its beautiful (I wouldn't call it the Tardpalis tho, it doesn't sound equevalent to how it looks :3 )