when I have a pop..it's gotta be a coke product. #cokealwayswins

Michael Jackson shot a commercial for Pepsi in 1984; During shoot, Jackson's hair caught on fire during an on-set accident.

Haha! So you aunt Mel! When you ask for diet coke and they say is Pepsi ok! http://thelendingmag.com/money-meme/

bahahaha. Everyone who lives in Atlanta knows this

Pepsi Vendor

early pepsi cola | An early Pepsi-Cola celluloid and tin sign with bottle image and A ...

Cherry Coke Popsicles are fun-tasty-cute and refreshing and taste as good as a soda-fountain cherry coke. www.simplysated.com

#Infographic #Infografia Logo evolution of Coke and Pepsi...

Or he's the first horse hipster, and wants out of the corporate runaround. Literally. #horsehumor #cokevspepsi #showjumping

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All time favorite albums: Represents: My darkness, angst, introspection and newfound Trent Reznor crush

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Elvis. First ad fir Coke I have seen with Elvis! Oh my gosh! This is BIG! REAL BIG!

I'm a Pepsi gal myself...

Crystal Pepsi

Coca-Cola Blues~Oregon seems to only sell Pepsi....HELP I definately have the blues!

I use to work at Dairy Queen and it served Pepsi. Id never ask this because I never met someone who wanted Coke that wasnt just asking for cola.

#7!!! Most of them are like above a thousand. Wow that sounds dumb of me.

Coca-Cola Sweatshirt...I'm pretty sure I had this in royal blue. And we used to fight over who had more Cocoa Cola wear. Ahh...5th grade!