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AKA johnny Depp. It is totally acceptable.

I love the word *clusterfuck. It'll go in our dictionary under New Awesome Compound Words.


What girl wouldn't wanna hear this pick up line? Lol, workin on gettin that sat-in-sugar kind of sweet ass!

Slow down on the tequila

Life isn't a fairy tale. I you lose a shoe at midnight, you might wanna slow down on the tequila.

Lol #winniethepooh

This is me everytime my boss hands me a new project. 3 years of law school and I'm still rather clueless

So freakin true! Here it is @Julie Pulliam

OMG this made me laugh. I'll start a wedding board soon. JUST to put up things for my imaginary wedding lol

Huge pet peeve!

For my presentation today, Ill be reading the powerpoint slides word for word = MISERY in a presentation. yes. I learned how to read. thanks for doing it for me and taking forever while I sit here almost asleep. You're awesome at reading, too.

Everything in moderation

Funny Flirting Ecard: 'Put your clothes back on Channing Tatum', said no one ever.