Ohio Amish children

Adorable Amish kids in cart, pulled by a sheep!!

Amish Children

Amish Family out to visit friends and family on Memorial Day in Lancaster County, PA

Amish baby ❤ How sweet is she?!


amish ohio

Nothing is more precious than this Amish little one in Ohio's Amish Country. CLICK HERE for more about Ohio's Amish Country at www.OACountry.com! #Amish #Ohio #Tourism (Doyle Yoder photo)

It's almost like we're obligated to buy this cool Amish print since our move to Lancaster County, PA!


Classic photo of #Amish girls in farm country (though their families wouldn't use tractors - http://www.amishgazebos.com/amish-farming/)


An Amish wedding

Umm, good.


Amish Children

cute little Amish boys.

Learn Pennsylvania Dutch! "Speaking Amish: A Beginner's Introduction to Pennsylvania German"

What a darling little girl