Joyce, check out these wreaths, OMG I LOVE this one!

Fourth of July decorations... for all those mason jars I will have after my wedding is over!

4th of july

Independence Day Wreath

Patriotic . . . Love the window AND the wreath

Table Leg Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam Hat

Beautiful XLarge Patriotic Outdoor DecoMesh by DistinctlySouthern,

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ANOTHER SHAMEFUL DISPLAY OF THE AMERICAN FLAG!!!! You can call it "ART".... But it's still disgraceful Bull$h!t!!! (Don't call me or any other American when u need help... Go show ur art to enemies.... They'll REALLY appreciate it!!!). BTW, calling a flag a "replica" doesn't magically transform that flag into art.... Anymore than u soaking that flag in tea, tying it around a ladder, & slappin' a rusted trinket on it can be called art!!!!

Patriotic DIY Uncle Sam Centerpiece ~ Step-by-Step Tutorial ~ via

Patriotic Wreath, Spring Wreath, Floral Designer Wreath, Americana, Fourth of July, American Flag Wreath

"Santa Diva" Christmas Wreath-Petals & Plumes-Hat n' Boots Collection © 2010

4th of July wreath

4th of July

SALE - Lake House Door Wreath Decor. $48.00, via Etsy.

July 4th craft

Shutter upcycle project- Flag decor for Memorial Day or 4th of July l Too Much Time on My Hands 4 copy

Lemon Wreath

4th of July