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  • Sheri Edwards

    Sometimes you just need six hunnit fiddy dollas. So funny!!!

  • Fallon Schieffer

    Funny funny stuff!!!

  • Karissa S Thigpen

    Sometimes you just need six hunnit fiddy dollas. Stay in school, kids.

  • Pinny Ante

    "Sometimes you just need six hunnit fiddy dollas." Ah, America's love/hate affair with smarty-pants educated folk...

  • Jude Block

    Sometimes you just need six hunnit fiddy #funny commercial ads #funny commercial #funny ads #interesting ads #commercial ads

  • Jen Messick Morris

    Because sometimes you just need six hunnit and fiddy dollas... (why we need to learn how to spell number words)

  • Sarah McWilliams

    I feel like his teacher failed him... I could use six hunnit fiddy dolla though.

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