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  • Stania

    I do believe this may be my dream camper van... Sportsmobile 4WD Ford E-350 vans - Sportsmobile has decades of experience building heavy-duty 4x4 vans for expeditions. These motor homes are so capable they can often follow modified Jeeps or other hard-core 4WD vehicles up over the world's best trails—with full camping amenities right on board. Inside, these compact vans offer many of the same features of conventional Class B motor homes. Ben Stewart/Popular Mechanics

  • Micah Wilson

    4x4 outdoor living.

  • Oliver the Father

    If I were independently wealthy... Cars, Auto, #Cars and other Guy stuff - - Site for Men & Manly Interests

  • brittany hines

    Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans - 4WD (4 Wheel Drive, 4x4) - around $68,000 OUR NEW FAMILY CAR!!!!

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Chevy Van 1977. I would love to buy an older 4x4 van and have my father or my brother and his son customize the inside for off-road camping.

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Built from a Ford E350 van, the Sportsmobile Ultimate Adventure Vehicle ($80,000) gives you everything you need for an outdoor off road adventure with all the comforts of a recreational vehicle.

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