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    The Strange Tale of the Unexplained Metal Orb What is this strange orb found by a group of people along the banks of the Colorado river south of Brownwood? A piece of the Soyuz spacecraft? Debris from a satellite? A nuclear trigger device like those used for dirty bombs? There's a great deal of speculation. An industrial Xray even makes the object more of a mystery. There is a web site dedicated to the strange orb, with a number of reasonably good gues

    The Grand Canyon mystery - Glen and Bessie Hyde were newlyweds who disappeared while attempting to run the rapids of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon, Arizona in 1928. Their scow was found adrift around river mile 237, upright and fully intact, with the supplies still strapped in. A camera recovered from the boat revealed the final photo; taken near river mile 165. No trace of them was ever found.

    THE BLYTHE INTAGLIOS: California’s Nazca Lines Near the Colorado River, on the desert west of Highway 95, is 1 of the most spectacular mystery in California. These huge drawings that, like the Nazca lines, are only seen from above- the Blythe Intaglios. these huge figures hidden on the desert floor unknown to whites until the 20th century, rediscovered when George Palmer was flying over the area in 1930. Enormous figures of a man, woman, a horse, coiled snake & horseshoes on top of a mesa.

    Project Avalon - Klaus Dona: The Hidden History of the Human Race On the big cup you can see a perfect inlaid star constellation also showing the Orion and other stars. And inside the big cup it is very, very magnetic and outside the cup nearly nothing. Professional geologists are saying this is impossible because if a stone has metal particles inside the stone, it must be same magnetic from both sides.

    A 300 ft (100 m) high wall found in Bolivia with over 5000 dinosaur footprints, in over 462 discreet trails. This wonderful picture is so full of geology it makes my head spin. If you zoom in on the picture (higher resolution here) you’ll see the dinosaur footprints – there’s over 400 discreet trails. a huge number; the natural question after this, of course is how did they end up sideways ?

    Roman Soldiers - near the Causeway of East Mersea Road, Mersea Island Quite possibly the oldest ghosts seen in the UK, a numbers of sightings exist of Roman soldiers around the island. A woman reported that while walking back to her home late one night, she was closely followed by the ghost of a man dressed as Roman soldier.

    Wings of Stone--This heron petroglyph is located in an isolated and rarely visited area in the Colorado Plateau, so it has not suffered any vandalism. It has about an 8 ft. length and a 6ft. wingspan.

    The town of Cassadaga is a small, quiet community nestled in the woods of central Florida, about halfway between Orlando and Daytona Beach. It’s best known for having a large number of psychics and mediums, and has consequently been named the “Psychic Capital of the World". It’s also known for being terribly haunted. It was founded by a psychic named Georg

    the lightest material in the world, a strong metal mesh one-hundreth the density of styrofoam

    wake up....we're not #1- also apparently Finland is where it's at.

    This was taken in an old house that was built in the 1850s. The owner of the house reported strange noises coming from the stairs every night. I guess now we know why.

    Pitcairn Island, New Zealand - 1934. Local farmers are trying to hide pieces of a giant skeleton found near 'Christians cave'. Three of the men were later found dead under strange circumstances. The forth man disappeared soon after this photo was taken and was never found. The photographers identity has never been revealed.

    A strange pharaoh - This statue of the pre-dynastic period may be the first known depiction of a pharaoh. At the time of Nagada (the name of a discovery at the site of Upper Egypt), around 4000 BC. This statue was found in Gebelein, south of Luxor.

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    What the heck is this animal it was spotted in New Jersey

    The Grand Circle Just as every point along the equator is 6,215 miles from both the North and South Poles, every point along this circle of ancient sites is 6,215 miles from two axis points on Earth. Many ancient sites such as the Ziggurut of Ur, the Pyramids of Giza, and the cities of Petra and Persepolis lie along this 'grand circle'

    Found in The Illinois Mystery Cave #reptilian

    What they found was so surreal that one thirty-year ranger described it as the strangest thing he had ever seen. It appeared as though Charles had “melted” right into his jeans while sitting on a log. His pants hadn’t been disturbed by animals or removed before his death. There were socks in his jeans and there were toe bones in the socks, but these ended with a bit of broken tibia. The rest of Charles was mysteriously absent from the site of his demise. A thorough search of the lonesome …

    Graffiti in a cell in the haunted Tower of London