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The Strange Tale of the Unexplained Metal Orb What is this strange orb found by a group of people along the banks of the Colorado river south of Brownwood? A piece of the Soyuz spacecraft? Debris from a satellite? A nuclear trigger device like those used for dirty bombs? There's a great deal of speculation. An industrial Xray even makes the object more of a mystery. There is a web site dedicated to the strange orb, with a number of reasonably good gues

Myrtles Ghost Photos Many people go to the Myrtles Plantation with many expectations to be haunted in several ways shapes and forms. Isn't this why the curious ghost hunter all go to haunted locations? A lot of the many Myrtles ghosts photos are to just strange or otherworldly. This Ghost Photo is one of many that has been sent to me.

THE BLYTHE INTAGLIOS: California’s Nazca Lines Near the Colorado River, on the desert west of Highway 95, is 1 of the most spectacular mystery in California. These huge drawings that, like the Nazca lines, are only seen from above- the Blythe Intaglios. these huge figures hidden on the desert floor unknown to whites until the 20th century, rediscovered when George Palmer was flying over the area in 1930. Enormous figures of a man, woman, a horse, coiled snake & horseshoes on top of a…

"They weren't the kind you hear in stories, more life-like. They looked like real people, but darker and sort of hazy. Like a shadow was cast over their entire bodies. They sort of hovered, sort of walked."

The haunted marionette Ledda, possessed by some evil or dark spirit (Brisbane, Australia). It's not only the puppet's occasional vociferous outbursts that worries its owner, it's also its behaviour and the negative effect it has on both people and animals.

Mysterious Holes of Russia: Since the late 1980's mysterious holes have been suddenly appearing in the dense forests of Russia, where no vehicle can go. There is no evidence of any soil, or how or why these holes exist. People who have gone down these holes have found nothing.

A 300 ft (100 m) high wall found in Bolivia with over 5000 dinosaur footprints, in over 462 discreet trails. This wonderful picture is so full of geology it makes my head spin. If you zoom in on the picture (higher resolution here) you’ll see the dinosaur footprints – there’s over 400 discreet trails. a huge number; the natural question after this, of course is how did they end up sideways ?

"Nephilim are beings, who appear in the Hebrew Bible; specifically mentioned in the Book of Genesis and the Book of Numbers; they are also mentioned in other Biblical texts and in some non-canonical Jewish writings. They were called fallen ones because men’s hearts would fail at the sight of them."

Its darkened shores are strewn with polished human bones. It is supposed to be so scary that no tourists are ever allowed to set foot on it As the Black Death spread through Europe the island was used as a lazaretto and plague pit. Living victims, including children and babies, were taken to the island and thrown into the pits with the rotting corpses and left to die. Over 160, 000 people died on the isl

Wings of Stone--This heron petroglyph is located in an isolated and rarely visited area in the Colorado Plateau, so it has not suffered any vandalism. It has about an 8 ft. length and a 6ft. wingspan.

The Ozone Disco at one time was a trendy hotspot disco in Quezon City that caught on fire. Due to mass panicking, nobody was able to get out alive. Some people near the location hear ghostly disco music in their houses at night and see faint people dancing.

Legendary radio host Art Bell's intrigued by them, neurologists dismiss them, psychologists laugh about them. But now grim researchers are investigating startling cases of the mysterious, faceless entities called Shadow People that are relentlessly attacking unwary humans.

Warning: Being Used By God But Using Strange Fire -

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The superstitious people of Transylvania strongly believe in supernatural creatures they call “Strigoi”. Strigoi are the troubled souls of t...

Queensway Village Bakery in London is said to be haunted. Trays have been seen flying off their racks, strange foot prints have been found in the snow around the shop, and there’s also the strange writing that was found Tra