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Samsung Mob!lers @ Unpacked 2012 - Buckingham Palace, London *Gabriela, Ygor, Peter, Hirotsugu, Erick, Yuma*

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Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 - Samsung Mob!lers in London

Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 - Samsung Mob!lers in London by Marty Enesa. Quick review of the Unpacked 2012, with the Samsung Mobilers.

Galaxy Note gets a bit of love as Samsung Mob!lers from around the world meet in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress.

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You either are a Mob!ler or you aren’t!

You either are a Mob!ler or you aren't!

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Tiger Cheng Says You Know It When You Are A Mob!ler

What is a Mobiler? A mobiler is someone with a set of beliefs in mobile devices who possesses a unique set of values that only another mobiler would understand. Basically mobilers speak their own language and show love for all mobile devices, especially Samsung Mobile devices. How long have you been a Mobiler for? Almost…

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Stacey Downtown UK Mob!ler

Stacey Downtown is sharing with us some tips for wannabe Mob!lers. 1. What is a Mob!ler? A Mob!ler is a person who has a deep passion for technology, not only Samsung but on the whole. Samsung gives us the opportunity to live and work with their devices and in return we share how they enable…

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Η Samsung Hellas αναζητεί τους νέους Mob!lers


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Mohammed Faadil shares his Mob!ler Experience

Hi everyone my name is Mohammed Faadil and im a Samsung mob!ler at Samsung South Africa. I am currently  19 years of age and have studied to become a java developer. At the moment i work at a company Called IBM and my job is Storage managemnet such as data recovery and backups. I’ve always…

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Samsung Galaxy Camera

The highlight in yesterday's Samsung Mobile Unpacked Event 2012 in IFA, Berlin seems to be the new Galaxy Camera running on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OS and full mobile connectivity. With smartphones becoming more and more like cameras the innovative Galaxy Camera came as their natural evolution turning heads on Wednesday night at the Tempodrom…


Samsung announces the Galaxy S 4: Eight cores, 13 megapixels, one gorgeous HD display

Samsung Galaxy S 4