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      It doesn't get more American than a juicy thick cut slab of meat in between toasted buns and a side order of sizzling french fries. The world knows Americans for their delicious burgers. Go beyond the thought of the McDonalds Quarter Pounder and indulge in local diners and smaller franchises for the burger that will be worth every single calorie.

    • Jenna McRae

      food porn - Google Search

    • Janice Youssef

      I'm sorry body, cheat day.

    • Maëlle Manou

      #fastfood #burger

    • Taylor Ramon

      in n out... Quite literally the only fast food burger I'll ever eat.

    • Food Author

      Fancy a clogged ardery? YUM! #Burgers #Sandwich

    • Keely Henkle

      In N out is the best burger ever! It has to be animal style! So GOOD!

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