America top jobs

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts.

How cool is this product!?! You can actually see under the iron to see if the wrinkles are gone! Genius.


The graphic is based on 21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue by Copyblogger guest writer Danny Iny.

according to msnbc it looks like working from home is the top ranking job in america, great read. i found my next job :D

Rubbermaid Paint Buddies. Put your left over paint in them and retouch anytime you want.

America top jobs

Infographic on Pinterest.

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What Type of Social Media Personality Are You?

Resume - Gets more attention! get that job!

4 essential questions to ask at the end of a job interview when the interviewer asks, "Do you have any questions?"

A personal must for all the online shopping i do for the holidays!!! This one is by Smart Swipe........Easy online payments! No more entering your details.

The History of Social Media (1978-2012)

memoto - a recording device that snaps a photo every 30 sec of your life and uploads it to a server so you may journal it as you wish.

Driving more traffic to your website is vital if you want to progress your business to success. These top strategies will help you increase your traffic.

1000 Exabytes + 1 Zettabyte by Cisco Blog via engadget: Cisco expects that we'll be pushing that much information around the web each year by 2015. #Information #WWW #Cisco #Zettabyte #engadget

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