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  • Gail Fredenburgh

    'How to Use Bleach to ACTUALLY WHITEN Clothes...!' (via My American Confessions)

  • Margarette Parsons

    My American Confessions: How to Use Bleach to ACTUALLY WHITEN Your Clothes- plus link to diy oxiclean

  • Darlene Davis

    My American Confessions: Extras: How to Use Bleach to ACTUALLY WHITEN Your Clothes #bleach #whites #laundry

  • Sara Bakken

    Also a recipe for DIY OxyClean -Gather all of the clothes you want whitened (make sure they are sturdy and not delicate fabrics and that they don't have any colors at all, threads, etc.) -Throw them in the washer on HOT and wait until it has been filled with water- then STOP the washer -Add (believe it or not) 4-5 cups of bleach -Allow to soak for a few hours -Add laundry detergent and wash

  • Mimi Chandler

    The Right Way to Use Bleach to Actually Whiten Whites

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