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    Oh my gosh! I had completely forgotten about this item. I had this same model in 1985

    • Tonya Stroud

      Retro 80's Sharp Boombox Cassette Radio. I had a baby blue one and my sister had this pink! I loved that thing!

    • Victoria Recor

      Retro 80's Sharp Boombox Cassette Radio sheenatatum back in the day when i was young..............i had this radio lolol brings back memories

    • Michelle

      Retro 80's Sharp Boombox Cassette Radio WITH Ace of Base cassette tape. So much win!!!

    • Emera Luna

      Retro 80's Sharp Boombox Cassette Radio I had this exact one. I loved this thing.

    • Becky Franck

      Retro 80's Sharp Boombox Cassette Radio This was my very first boom box!!!

    • The Bluebird Patch

      I had one! Childhood memories...

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    I had that boom box! The blueish purple one I had and my sister had the pinkish looking one!!! I so would take it outside and lay a sheet down and tan and bump to music with my cousins lol

    Mix Tapes!!!!!

    Pocket pianos...slowly emerging memories of these from the recesses of my brain

    Mine was purple, and YES I put that thing on my shoulder and walked around the block when I lived in Batavia, IL!

    Oh progress is lovely!!!

    Cassette Player


    Loved these guys! Popples!

    MASH- @Tina Nichols Mundy. LOL

    Recording off the radio, and recording my voice as radio dj. This was my favorite pastime!!!!!

    I loved this show when I was a kid! Lynda Carter was SO BEAUTIFUL! I think I was Wonder Woman for Halloween 3 years in a row!

    Flashdance, Kelly Kapowski and most every other girl in the 80s liked the off the shoulder cut-up mens sweatshirt. has brought it back for you.

    80s Logo Barbie T-Shirt Wanna hear something funny, all I wanted was to make enough money for an apartment for the dog and I! I'm overwhelmed, with gratitude! Thank you everyone! ❤️️️Terresa



    Pink 80's boom box


    80's style! Omg I totally had these!!!

    Mine was pink. I remember being allowed to bring it in on the last day of 7th grade and I thought I was so cool.