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Whenever I get my maternity pictures done, I imagine I'll probably have my hair up in a little puff like this lady has hers.

will need a pic like this when baby #2 is on the way.

Now, this just makes me misty eyed. I don't know what It is about my daughter's 1st pair of ballet shoes, but they are hanging in her room with my old point shoes. I love that Matilde Burke pulled this part of Mom's identity through in her maternity portraits! Well done!

gorgeous. Think I could do that as a self portrait?

Trip-out time: finding this pic, while sitting here in front of the computer, wearing the EXACT SAME DRESS! Pinterest army- we all dress alike, think alike, eat alike and craft alike!!!

Gorgeous!! @Christin Kincaid Didn't know if you had this pic or not, thought it was cute

Maternity - I love how soft this photo is. Simply pretty...

i can't wait til i get to take my maternity photos...this is such a cute idea