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  • Emmy E

    'In my dream home, you would first walk in through a Hobbit Hole ( Yes, most of the house will be built into a hill or at least have the entrance look like it is) Once you have walked through the hobbit hole, you'd be in the foyer (mud room) and to get to the rest of the house you'd have to go through the door that looks like a TARDIS'

  • Stephanie White

    the Tardis door / my future front door

  • Rachel Lee

    "BEST Front door EVER! If you are a nerd like me, you noticed that the house the Doctor dropped Amy and Rory off at (their new house) has a blue door!"

  • Thea van Diepen

    the Tardis door (I'm a big Doctor Who fan)

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The Doctor, if i saw this i would scream and never let it leave my sight!

So my new apartment has a tiny hallway between living room/bedroom/kitchen that's about the size of the TARDIS. Resisting the urge to do this to my bedroom door to complete the effect.

Even if this were not Doctor Who related, I would have liked the art...having a TARDIS in it is just icing on the cake!! :)

Proof that The TARDIS is real! " I found this in a book and had to assemble it to show my Whovian friends. It is a manuscript border from the 16th century shows Rory and Amy in fezzes, a weeping angel baby AND THE TARDIS!"

TARDIS. That's the time machine Dr Who travels in for those who are not geeky enough to know. Dr Who? Come on!