Pyramid of pages

Everyone needs a place to read.

amazing bookcase

bookshelf, cozy library living room nook, black, ottoman, leather sofa, zebra pillows, windows. All of which are perfect.

Utiliser l'espace entre les marches de l'escalier comme bibliothèque

Or this works

This person's amazing home library: | The 30 Best Places To Be If You Love Books

i need to make a board just for bookshelf awesomeness...

books... I want to go to there

geometric shelves

Books and lounging spot...perfect.

Books, Books...Everywhere Books! Even in an unusable fireplace you can store your books.

Books books books

Was thinking I could never utilise a wall of bookshelves, seeing I don't read so much, but then I realised I could happily try to fill something like this with cookbooks and food magazines... VERY HAPPILY!

Pull out bookshelves. Other book related pins on my "Bibliovore" board

book shelves, stairs

Nautilus-Always eye-pleasing. The Golden Mean for Interior Design. This bookcase is made from recycling/reusing cardboard boxes.


Book Shelves: This site has every amazing book shelf imaginable! Great ideas for making your own creative shelf

book nook

Framed bookcase.