Pyramid of pages

Three years ago, before my "Pinterest career" I saved this photo on my computer as a dreamy living room, or home-library. Today I found it, and still find it very desirable...this combination of american ranch with noble classicism... is still something which gives me a feeling of comfort. The velvet and leather seats, rug, books, huge windows let the light to shine on the very dark wood...


geometric shelves


I want a library for my future home.

Was thinking I could never utilise a wall of bookshelves, seeing I don't read so much, but then I realised I could happily try to fill something like this with cookbooks and food magazines... VERY HAPPILY!

Circular knowledge. It all comes full circle

Book Shelves: This site has every amazing book shelf imaginable! Great ideas for making your own creative shelf

Cozy Book Nook


Passagens Secretas / Secret Passages / Hidden Doors. #hiddendoors #passagenssecretas #secretpassages

Built-in bookshelves for knee-high wall